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The daywalker[]

Physical description:[]

Most daywalkers have dark hair and pale skin, there are exceptions but among all daywalkers the traits they share in common are long nails and sharp canine teeth.

They are not undead, but they share corpselike qualitys, such as cold skin, a very slow heart beat, aswell as smelling like rotting flesh, they must clean themselves vigorously to mask this smell, they also can't sweat.


Daywalkers are a mutant variant of vampires. They evolved to surpass the common weaknesses of vampires, i.e. running water and sunlight. But in exchange for this, they have lost many of the features they once had as vampires, most notably natural regeneration and resistance to melee attacks, alongside the ability to convert others into vampires.

Because of the fact that they are naturally born, they are technically not classified as undead. They are considered humanoids.


Daywalkers are most commonly found living with humans, that is not to say that they are in cohabitation, no most humans don't even realize Daywalkers even exist as while vampires are commonly known, Daywalkers are more of a myth. If any human did find out they would most likely end up as prey. They must consume humanoid blood to survive, as it is their nourishment. They do not need sleep, but they do enjoy having periods of inactive movement, or very little movement such as reading.

Despite needing blood to survive, Daywalkers do not require food or water, these things infact, taste repulsive to a vampire, and any blood other then humanoid blood taste pretty good, Humanoid blood taste exquisite on the other hand.

Daywalkers can reproduce with humans, but they're child will end up as a Daywalker.

Daywalker names:[]

Daywalkers usually have eccentric, gothic names. Such as, Visimar, Heribrand, or Theodemer.

Daywalker traits:[]

Ability score increase: Your Charisma score is increased by 1, and you can choose to increase either strength, constitution, or dexterity scores by 2, your choice.

Age: While Daywalkers live for very long, they do not live forever, they do however retain their youthfulness for their millennia of life.

Alignment: Vampires are not inherently evil, but considering the fact that they must consume humanoid blood to survive, they naturally lean towards it.

Size: Medium

Speed: 30 ft

Languages: Common, Vampire.

Vampire abilities:[]


You have immunity to turn undead and destroy undead.

Since Daywalkers are born and not turned, they do not take extra damage from being undead from features such as divine smite.

You are immune to all diseases.

You do not need sleep, and can take short or long rest by having periods of very little movement, ie reading or just standing still day dreaming.


You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Non Healing factor:[]

"Healing arcana rejects your existence..."

While you can recover health via short or long rest, you can not recover health via healing spells, they will not harm you but they have no effect. This is because, despite not being an undead, healing magic seems to not like restoring something so corpse like.

(You can still heal from class features that heal in non magical ways, such as quickened healing or second wind.)

Weak revival:[]

While they can not be healed by healing magic, Daywalkers can be revived, however they are always revived at 1 hp, even if they are resurrected by true resurrection.

Unlike normal vampires, they can not be resurrected into a normal human being, as they never were human beings. The only way to change race of a Daywalker is the same ways other races can, the only exception being being turned into a vampire, I trust I don't have to state this, but you can not be turned into a vampire.


As an action you can transform into a tiny bat. While in bat form, your stats are the same, the only difference being your movement speed decreases to 5 ft, and you gain a flying speed of 30 ft. Anything you are wearing is transformed with you, anything you are carrying won't be. When killed in this form you revert back to your old form.

Become mist:[]

You can use misty step without any material components or spell slots once per short or long rest.

Blood drinker:[]

You heal upon drinking blood from humanoid creatures. You can drink blood either by using your natural weapon fangs, or inflicting bleeding on an enemy, and using an action to drink the blood off of your weapon or claws. If you strike an enemy that is bleeding, the blood they are leaking end up on your weapon, you can drink that as well.

You gain back 2d4+2 Hit Points at level 1, you gain back 2d6+4 Hit Points at level 5, you gain back 2d8+8 Hit Points at level 10, You gain back 2d10+10 Hit points at level 15, and you gain back 2d12+14 Hit Points at level 20.

You can use this feature once per long rest.

Natural weapons:[]


You bite into an enemy, draining their blood. Has a reach of 5 feet, restores Hit Points via blood drinker, does not inflict bleeding. Does 1d4 piercing damage.


You claw at the enemy, has a reach of 5 feet, does 1d6+strength mod damage and has a 1/2 chance to inflict bleeding. (Bleeding does 1d4 damage per turn until you perform a DC 15 medicine check, bleeding only applies to creatures that have blood.)