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"You're in a tavern having a light drink, it's been a long day and your bones have grown weary. Not much happens in this town so the tavern is as silent as ever. The most recent event that you could think of is the fact that a group of adventurers recently decided to stay in your town for a few days. And- hey look at that, said adventurers are currently having a drink in the same tavern you are. Out of the corner of your eye you see Boris, a big fellow who frequents this tavern giving the stink eye to one of the adventurers. You know where this is going, Boris flips the table and charges towards them, but his attack misses and he crashes into the adventurers table. He missed the chap he was aiming for, but you can't see where the boy went… You look up, the boy has jumped up into the air and dodged his attack, his other allies simply dodged, but this boy seemed to defy expectations and leaped into the air. Oh and what's this? He has a staff in his hand! He comes crashing down directly onto Boris' staff facing downward, instantly knocking him out. Boris's friends come into the fray to try to help out, but suddenly the boys staff turns into gloves with a pair of rings floating around them, he crosses his arms and BOOM suddenly the friends get blown back as soon as they attack him, instantly knocking them out. The boy grabs his things and departs with his friends."

The form changer.[]

"There is a liquid like shape shifting metal attached to your skin. It stays on your body even after death, and you can command it as your bond with it increases. Has this metal been branded on to you by the gods as punishment? Or have you come across it by coincidence and just happened to get unlucky? Either way, a glob of shapeshifting metal has binded itself to your body and just won't let go. This metal is yours to command but you can't command it to get the hell off of you."

You need to have a dexterity score of 13 or above to multiclass in or out of this class.

Level Prof Ss die Features
1st +2 --------- Shape shifter die
2nd +2 2 die Shape change
3rd +2 2 die Unarmoured defense, Shape mastery feature
4th +2 3 die Ability score improvement
5th +3 3 die Extra attack
6th +3 4 die Shape mastery feature
7th +3 4 die Certified metal user
8th +3 5 die Ability score improvement
9th +4 5 die Staff finesse
10th +4 6 die Buster mastery
11th +4 6 die Shape mastery feature, Extra attack(X2)
12th +4 7 die Ability score improvement
13th +5 7 die Final guard
14th +5 8 die Buster master
15th +5 8 die Shape mastery feature
16th +5 9 die Ability score improvement
17th +6 9 die Multi hit mayhem
18th +6 10 die Shape mastery feature
19th +6 10 die Ability score improvement
20th +6 12 die Metal master

Hit points:

Hit dice: 1d10 per level of Form changer.

Hit points at first level: 10 + your Constitution modifier

Hit points at higher levels:1d10 (or 6) + your Constitution modifier


Weapons: Martial weapons, Simple weapons. Armor: Light armor, Shields.

Saving throws: Dexterity, Constitution.[]

Choose two skills from this list to have proficiency in:[]

Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception, Insight, Intimidation, Perception, Sleight of hand, Stealth.

Starting equipment:[]

  1. (A) a dagger (B) 5 Throwing knives
  2. (A) a light crossbow and 20 bolts (B) a flintlock pistol with 10 rounds
  3. (A) a backpack (10 extra lbs) (B) any simple weapon
  4. (A) a dungeoneer's pack (B) an explorer's pack

1st level feature: Shape shifter die:[]

The ability to shape the metal engrained on your body is not one earned easily, as you progress with your mastery of it, it becomes easier to shape it, and you can do so more frequently, you shape shifter die represents how many times you can force it to do an extraneous action without growing mentally tired.

You recover 1d4 shape shifter die upon a short rest, and you recover all of them on a long rest.

Your amount of dice you have increase as you level up.

2nd level feature: Shape change:[]

The metal shapes itself around your body resulting in 4 different forms that it can take.

It takes an action to switch to and between forms, you can also choose to revert back to your normal state as a bonus action.

Staff form:[]

The metal coalesces into a staff. This staff cannot be dropped or thrown, and does 1d8+dex mod bludgeoning damage

It has a reach of 10+half of your dex modifier rounded up.


It also can hit up to 2 enemies at the same time, you need to roll for accuracy twice.

It permanently takes up a place in one of your hands while this form is active, meaning you can not use 2 handed weapons.

If you choose to dual wield or use this weapon as a one handed weapon, you can not use multistrike. Since you're not using the strength of both hands to attack with the staff, the damage decreases to 1d6.

You gain disadvantage on strength checks and saving throws as you can only really use one hand.

You gain disadvantage on accuracy for spells that require Somatic gestures to cast.

Leaping dive:[]

With Staff form equipped you can charge up a jump as an action. The next turn or as a reaction you can jump up to 10*dex mod. You then come diving down on an enemy within 40 feet of you and do 2d8+dex mod bludgeoning damage with your staff.

This action consumes 1 shape shifter die.

Ultra guard form:[]

The metal transforms into a pair of gauntlets that cover your arms to just below your elbows, and at your wrist are 2 floating rings hovering around your wrist.

You take a defensive stance, as a consequence your movement speed is halved.

You gain advantage on all constitution and dexterity saving throws as you are extremely prepared to avoid and block enemy attacks.

You have disadvantage on all accuracy rolls as you can not put the strength or concentration required to use an attack properly.

True guard:[]

With Ultra guard form equipped you can, as a reaction you can reflect your enemies attack back in a flash of light. This can be magical or physical. This reflected damage is half of the original damage.

This reaction consumes 2 shape shifter dice.

Dancer form:[]

The metal covers the entirety of your arms up to your shoulders.

Your movement speed is doubled in this form.

Your unarmed damage changes to 1d6.

Furious strikes:[]

If you roll higher than a 15 on an accuracy roll with unarmed strikes, you can attack twice. This only applies to the first hit, if you use an extra attack the effect will not be triggered even if you get a 15 or higher. This effect is exclusive to dancer form.

Because you are so focused on dealing damage quickly in this form, you cannot find time to properly defend yourself, as such, you gain disadvantage on constitution checks and saves.

Topple sweep:[]

With the dancer form equipped you can, as an action topple an enemy of within 5 feet of you over, they then need to roll a dexterity saving throw of 10+your dexterity modifier or be toppled over for 2 of their turns. If they succeed they take 1d4 bludgeoning damage. While toppled the enemy can not move, although they can cast magic and attack if they are in range, they also gain disadvantage on dexterity saving throws, and any creature who attacks them has advantage on accuracy rolls. They automatically get up on their 3rd turn since being toppled, they can roll another DC dex saving throw using their whole turn, even if they succeed they can't do anything after.

This consumes 1 shape shifter die

Buster form:[]

The metal surrounds and completely encompasses one of your arms, resulting in a massive armor like metal gauntlet covering up your arm up to your elbow.

You can not go into a stealth state in this form as you make too much noise and are easily spotted.

As this form maximizes your strength, you can not choose to non lethally attack with this form. If you attempt to do so you will automatically exit out of Buster form wasting your turn.

You gain disadvantage on dexterity checks and saving throws.

Your unarmed damage changes to 1d10.

You gain advantage on all strength checks and saving throws.

Charge and annihilate:[]

While in Buster form, you can charge up a melee attack(weapons and unarmed) for 1 turn as an action and bonus action, you also can not move while charging this up. Charging up counts as being concentrated, as such you must make a constitution saving throw whenever you are attacked, if you fail you lose the charge and take double damage yourself, this is a Con saving throw is equal to whatever to the enemys str mod+10. The only exception being magic that never misses, this magic will automatically cancel out your charge and you can't save against it, it does full damage though, not double. When you use an unarmed or melee weapon attack next turn, you will charge ahead up to 20 feet to an enemy and they will take double damage from this attack. You can not use extra attacks or bonus actions after using this action.

It's also loud as hell, when activated it will sound like an explosion is continually going off on your arm. As such you will automatically exit out of stealth, and every enemy within 120 feet can hear where you are. In this range, enemies with an intelligence score below 9 will automatically target you, this does not apply if the enemy is a construct or is somehow being controlled.

This consumes 2 shape shifter dice.

3rd level feature: Unarmoured defense:[]

Your mastery of the metal ingrained onto your body has improved, you can now command it to protect you, giving you ac equal to 10+dex+con. The metal becomes a little lazy when you are equipped with armor therefore it will not protect you if you are already wearing armor.

3rd level: Shape mastery feature:[]

4th level: Ability score improvement.[]

5th level feature: Extra attack:[]

When swinging with a melee weapon you can choose to attack a second time even if you miss. (This does not apply to form changes that specify they can not use extra attack)

6th level: Shape mastery feature.[]

7th level: Certified metal user:[]

You become more attuned to the metal.

You gain advantage on con saving throws when using charge and annihilate.

Your dancer form can move 10 extra feet. So if your movement speed was 30 and it increased to 60, it is now 70.

8th level: Ability score improvement.[]

9th level feature: Staff finesse:[]

Your staff's reach increases to 15+half of your dex modifier rounded up.

You can now attack up to 3 enemies at once.

10th level feature: Buster mastery:[]

Your unarmed damage changes to 2d6. You can add your strength mod to buster unarmed strikes for 1 shape shifter die.

11th level: Shape mastery feature:[]

11th level feature: Extra attack[]

You can now Extra attack twice, the same conditions apply as before.

12th level: Ability score improvement:[]

13th level feature: Final guard:[]

When reflecting melee attacks with True guard, they now deal double damage, magic damage is still halved.

You can now choose to reflect magic to enemies other than the ones who cast it at you.

Ultra guard now consumes 3 shape shifter dice.

14th level feature: Buster master:[]

Charge and annihilate now takes 1 shape shifter die to use.

15th level: Shape mastery feature:[]

16th level: Ability score improvement.[]

17th level feature: Multi Hit mayhem :[]

You can now topple up to 3 enemies at once with the Dancer form within a 5 foot cone. They each roll separately.

You can now hit up to 4 enemies with staff form.

18th level: Shape mastery feature:[]

19th level: Ability score improvement.[]

20th level feature: Metal master:[]

You have completely mastered the mysterious metal ingrained upon your body.

You can now switch forms as a bonus action.

You gain back all your shape shifter dice upon short rest.

Metal mastery:[]

"As your body becomes accustomed to the metal binding to it, your mind starts to wonder, and thinks about the limits about what you can do with its shape shifting properties. Suddenly, as if responding to these thoughts, the metal shifts into !..."

Rushdown master:[]

"The Rushdown master thrives on melee and movement, who cares if you don't have any range? There won't be any range if you get up to their face and punch it off!"

3rd level feature: Metal slide:[]

Your dancer form movement speed buff increases to a 20 feet bonus.

The buster ability charge and annihilate now reaches 30 feet.

6th level feature: Rushdown blows:[]

You can now use dancers' extra unarmed attacks with extra attack. This consumes 1 shape shifter die to activate, even if you use multiple attacks afterwards, you must consume another to activate this again on your next turn.

As stated before, this consumes 1 shape shifter die.

11th level feature: Nails sharper than ice.[]

Your dancer form gains talons on the tips of your metal sleeves fingertips.

This changes your dancer forms unarmed damage to 1d8+dex mod slashing damage

These talons count as magical for the sake of overcoming magical defense.

15th level feature: Rolling dive:[]

While in ultra guard mode you roll forward and chain that into a leap gaining distance and momentum, you use this momentum to launch an enemy backwards .

Make a dex save of 10 plus your dex mod, you do not gain the dexterity bonus of ultra guard mode while making this save. If you fail you take 1d8 force damage from your body flopping on the ground at high speed. If you succeed you roll forward 10 feet and leap from that roll 5 feet forward into a punch with your entire body weight, moving 15 feet in total It does 1d10+str mod bludgeoning damage, it launches them 20 feet backwards and if they hit a wall they take 1d4 force damage.

This consumes 2 shape shifter die.

18th level feature: Ultimate counter:[]

Your true guard ability of the royal guard mode is improved!

You can now reflect magic back at FULL damage! Unfortunately it does not receive the double damage of reflecting melee attacks… but full damage on magic is still really good!

Chimera weapons master:[]

"The Chimera weapons master is a metal mastery that encourages having other weapons besides just the living metal you always have on you. Why do you choose to do this when the living metal does more than enough damage? Who knows? Maybe you just wanted to have a bit more pointy bits on your sidearms…"

3rd level feature: The pointy bits:[]

You can change the shape of your forms to be slightly different, whether that be adding points to your knuckles, or putting blades on your staff, you can do that, you may also do this to non form weapons, but this will wear off once the weapon is no longer in your hands.

This means that you can change bludgeoning to slashing, or slashing to piercing etc.

6th level feature: I tip my arrow off to you:[]

You can now coat arrows or bolts in your metal, this adds +4 piercing damage to whatever arrow or bolt you are using, you may also add this to darts, throwing knives, or any other weapon that requires to be thrown or launched assuming its not bigger than you can hold or throw (so no cannonballs or ballista arrows sorry).

This consumes 1 shape shifter die.

11th level feature: Critical crush:[]

When using an extra attack or any feature or weapon ability that allows you to attack multiple times in a row, assuming that you hit the first attack, the second attack, upon hitting with a 17 or higher to your accuracy roll, will be enhanced in the following ways.

1.It ignores immunity or resistances to melee damage, along with Ac higher to or equal to the amount you rolled.

2. Much like a critical hit, you may roll your damage die again and add that amount to the damage dealt (does not stack with brutal critical or a nat 20 critical, in the event of a nat 20 you are forced to use scale tipper, and may not use any features that rely on critical hits).

3. You may choose one of these effects:

A. Knock an enemy prone.

B. Inflict bleeding on the enemy.

C. Knock an enemy back 10 feet (does 1d10 bludgeoning on contact with a wall or solid object).

This consumes 3 shape shifter die

15th level feature: Weapon handler[]

You become adept at holding both form weapons and normal weapons, the following benefits are now always available to you:

Staff form:[]

You can now use 2 handed weapons and the staff with no debuffs

Your damage no longer decreases when wielding the staff as a 1 handed weapon or wielding multiple weapons

Dancer form:[]

You can now use furious strikes with all weapons, even 2 handed ones, instead of just unarmed damage.

18th level feature: Cannibal arms:[]

You can sacrifice a magical weapon made out of either stone or metal to your own metal, upon doing so the weapon will be destroyed, you then roll a d100, if you roll a 60 or higher, your metal consumes that weapon, if you fail the weapon is destroyed and you gain nothing.

Upon success, whatever damage type that weapon could do, magical or otherwise, is now an effect you can use instead of bludgeoning, or slashing, or piercing.

This effect can not only be applied to staff form and any other form, but features that place the metal on an unrelated weapon like The pointy bits, or I Tip my arrow to you. Meaning you can add these effects to them as well.

So if you took a magical sword that did fire damage, you can use the staff form with fire damage, or perhaps a non magical weapon, like a bow and arrow!

This consumes 5 shape shifter dice.

Metal slinger master:[]

"The metal slinger master is a metal mastery that encourages a more, tactical ranged approach, they would constantly state that they're not afraid of melee combat, but their other party members seem to think otherwise, so they decided to rebel and make some sick ranged attacks to prove them wrong."

3rd level feature: Loyal staff:[]

You learn how to get this accursed metal off of you! At Least temporarily, because it seems to like you, and it always comes back.

You can throw your staff while in staff form

You throw it as a bonus action. While it's gone you don't have any forms. It hits as many enemies as you can hit with a multistrike, but it can only hit enemies within a 30 foot range.

The enemies roll dex saves of 10+dex mod and if they succeed they dodge and take no damage. If they fail they take 1d10+dex mod bludgeoning.

This takes 1 shape shifter die.

6th level feature: Elongated metal:[]

You figured out how to stretch your metal out just when you're about to attack.

All form attacks now have an extra reach of 10+dex mod feet, this stacks on forms that already have reach, including staff form.

Does not apply to Loyal staff.

11th level feature: Grapple spear:[]

You can launch a line of metal attached to your arm in a straight line, and it has a hook on it so it attaches to surfaces.

You can launch it up to 30 feet and do these following actions:

  1. Climb up walls, trees, and other surfaces up to 30 feet tall and stay there as long as you like with no needed checks or anything, sort of like a harness for rock climbing but only on your arm.
  2. Attach it to an object that's less than 30 lbs and pull it into your hand, range of 40 feet.
  3. Attach it to a creature.

When attached to a creature, you can either pull it towards you or pull yourself towards it, this has a range of 40 feet.

If the creature is over 50 pounds you must succeed an athletics check (the DC of which your dm decides) or fail pulling it towards you.

When attaching to an unwilling creature they must succeed a Dex saving throw DC equal to 10+your dex mod, and dodge it, or the metal will attach to their skin, they can not pull it off as it is extremely tough metal.

You do not need to succeed any checks on willing creatures such as allies.

When pulled towards a creature, you are within 5 feet of them, when you are pulling a creature towards you, they are 10 feet away.

This consumes 2 shape shifter die.

15th level feature: Building heat:[]

When throwing your staff via Loyal staff, the staff lights itself on fire by friction, dealing an additional 1d6+4 fire damage along with the normal amount.

18th level feature: Rocket punch:[]

Have you ever dreamt of anything more magnificent?

While in ultra guard form you can, get ready for this, fire off a fucking rocket punch, of course its not actually propelled by fuel or anything, the metal just gets launched off of one of your hands in the shape of a fist, dont ask how its possible, Its living metal, and it decided to be cool today.

Make a con save of 10+your str mod or you take 1d12+2 force damage from how fast you threw your hand out to launch that rocket punch. Even if you fail you still launch it,

On hit it does 1d12 bludgeoning damage + str mod and 1d6 force damage and it reaches 50 feet. It also knocks a creature back 10 feet.

It comes back on the same turn that's how  fast it goes. It onlys hits only one enemy.

This consumes 3 shape shifter die