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NOTE: This is only some reworks to certain old features, and new features that run in conjunction to warlock. This is mostly to run warlock as a better skirmish style caster, providing skills and buffs to warlocks casting and martial capabilities. I like the warlock, but it tends to be underwhelming as a class, so with that said, feel free to use this in your campaign if you so choose, and if you want your own tweaks to warlocks, feel free to post it on this wiki.


Bonus Proficiencies[]

Warlock now gains proficiency in martial weapons and medium armor.

Pact Magic Readjustment[]

Warlock gains access to 2 more spell slots and learns 2 additional cantrips, you can also get an additional spell level of casting, as seen in this chart:

level cantrips known spell slots spell level
1 2 1 1st
2 2 2 2nd
3 2 2 2nd
4 3 2 3rd
5 3 3 3rd
6 3 3 3rd
7 4 3 4th
8 4 3 4th
9 4 4 4th
10 5 4 5th
11 5 4 5th
12 5 4 5th
13 5 5 5th
14 5 5 5th
15 6 5 5th
16 6 5 5th
17 6 6 5th
18 6 6 5th
19 6 6 5th
20 6 6 6th

Pact Boon Buff[]

these buffs are given to the individual pacts due to their mostly benign nature to the class(NOTE: yes, pact of the tome get's a basic upgrade to one of it's invocations, but the invocation was not particularly great in my opinion)

Pact of the Blade[]

Any weapon bound by this pact can use wisdom, strength, or dexterity when scaling to hit and damage(players' choice) and if the weapon requires attunement, it will function as if attuned if made into a pact weapon.

Pact of the Tome[]

Your patrons' tome bears an estranged amount of blank pages. You can find and copy any spell from any spell list, functioning the same as wizards' spell copy mechanic. The amount of pages is equal to your charisma modifier, and excess spells will be removed from your Book of Shadows.

Pact of the Chain[]

Your familiar can be a tiny, small or medium creature of any type excluding humanoid of CR 2 or below. The selected creature Cannot use special active abilities (i.e. dragon's breath), cannot multiattack if it's nonfamiliar counterparts could, and can't cast spells. Creatures of CR 1 or 2 have half the health of their original counterparts, and cannot be used as a mount. You can use your familiar as a spellcasting focus for your cantrips, using their charisma to determine spell attack bonus and spell save DC.

If you drop a creature to 0 hit points that meets the layed out prerequisites, you may use the find familiar spell to bind the creature to your services, and follows the exact same rules and guideline as if it were selected.

New Feature[]

18th Level: Dark Artist[]

At 18th level, you become a master of fobidden powers, a provocateur of spell and sword, and a profane in the dark arts. At this level, you can choose an amount of 1st level warlock spells equal to your proficiency bonus that can be cast without the need for a spell slot, however the spell cannot be upcasted unless you spend a spell slot.