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These are Eldritch invocations for the pact of the dice warlock pact.

Sticky dice[]

Prerequisite: Pact of the dice feature

Once per long rest, after rolling a number you can save that number for 1 hour, you can then automatically Roll that number again an equal amount of times to your proficiency modifier.

Multidimensional dice[]

Prerequisite: The extradimensional wanderer patron, Pact of the dice feature

You can now choose if you have a d10 or below to replace whatever you rolled on an unfortunate anomaly or reward anomaly tables with whatever number you rolled, you must do this right after you roll a metaphysical anomaly, after 1 minute you cannot reroll it. Additionally you can also reroll chaotic boom, you can do this after you rolled for damage type but before your dm tells you whether it hit or miss.

Gamblers luck[]

Prerequisite: Pact of the dice feature

You can add your dexterity mod to your dice rolls, but should you fail any of the rolls you use your pact of the dice for, you cannot use this invocation's effects until you finish a long rest.

Exploding dice[]

Prerequisite: Pact of the dice feature

You can choose a number once per short rest on one of the sides of your dice, should you roll this one number, it will double the damage dealt or skill check rolled, this also applies to enemy attacks so be warned, should this number be rolled the dice explodes and any additional bonus that number would've given you. For example, let's say you rolled 1d6 pact die to add to somebody's 2d6 attack, your exploding dice was set to a 5 and you rolled a 5, you would not add 5 damage to the damage total as you usually would.

Gigantic dice[]

Prerequisite: 10th level, Pact of the dice feature

Whenever you finish a long rest, you can choose to replace 2 of your dice with a huge D20, you may use this D20 to add to any of YOUR skill checks or accuracy rolls but not your damage rolls. You can also choose to outright replace the total with the d20you rolled should you see fit. Keep in mind that you can only roll for your own rolls not others.

Twinned Dice[]

Prerequisite: 5th level, Pact of the dice feature

Once you obtain this eldritch invocation you can increase the amount of dice in your dice bag for one, so instead of a pair of 2d6 you get 3d6, etc.

You can obtain this eldritch invocation multiple times, ie from 3 to 4 dice if you choose this eldritch invocation twice.

You can use this eldritch invocation tandem alongside the gigantic dice invocation to do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Lets say you use 2 dice to form a d20, you can have your other dice be another type of dice ie d4 d6 d8 etc, so you can have 1d20 and 1d6 or 2d6 if you have this eldritch invocation twice and so on and so forth
  2. If you picked this eldritch invocation at least twice, you may choose to use another 2 of your dice to form another d20, remember that a d20 cost 2 dice to make, so you would have to take this eldritch invocation 4 times in order to make 3 d20's.