5e freespace Wiki

The Apartment dumpster lineage:[]

“Your roots trace back to people who quite literally, lived in a dumpster, your ancestors lived in harmony with others of their kind, in the literal inside of a dumpster, whether they decided the dumpster life was too expensive for their taste, or somehow one of the dumpster people gave birth to a child who wasn't batshit insane, and actually wanted to live a normal life, the matter of how they left aside, one day, one of your ancestors left the Apartment dumpster, and through genetics you inherited some of their traits.”

Trash resistant:[]

Its stinky and dangerous? Its trash, and why would you be harmed by trash when you ARE trash? Resistant to poison damage

Can’t see it, not there:[]

You grew up around dirty needles and many other gross things, as such you can not take any sort of damage or infliction from diseases, but can still contract them and spread them.

That pungent trash smell:[]

You smell like shit, all creatures that start their turn within 5 feet of you, will have disadvantage on intelligence and charisma saving throws as they are distracted by your scent.

Foods food:[]

You can eat, literally anything, you can consume any organic material without setback or hesitation, and gain the benefits of a regular meal from them

Not garbage? Smells good:[]

You have enhanced smell, because you have to smell everything through your own scent, you have advantage on any and all perception roles requiring smell.

You have a nasty little smell:[]

You grew up around a large variety of dumpster dwellers and have seen both the good and the bad. You can tell whether or not someone has a good or evil alignment from the way they smell.

MMM good ole trash:[]

You gain a quarter of your hit point maximum as temporary hit points when you take a long rest in a place full of filth, additionally, short rest counts as long rest when you are in places of filth as well.