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The Crogall race[]

"I saw a big crocodile man in the swamp the other day, you wouldn't believe what he did to this poor rabbit he found!"

Physical description:[]

The Crogall are a race of upright walking reptilian humanoids that resemble crocodiles, they have a large snout and yellow reptile eyes, they’re scaly skin’s color depending on what tribe they are a part of, they may be green, purple, or even white. They have large 3 toed feet and have extremely strong jaws.


The Crogall hail from swamps and live in tribes, there's no difference between these tribes physically besides their skin color, the only reason they are seperated is because their founders disagreed on what they value the most, some tribes value family and comradery, some value power and glory, some value wisdom and knowledge, and some value nature and the circle of life, these tribes may form truces and adversely may rage war against each other, but somehow, one way or another, they seem to always split apart again.


Crogall generally don't really like to communicate with other races, although they are not hostile towards them, most tribes seem to like to keep neutral to others of the same tribe, rarely helping out anyone that is not closely related to them, towards member of different tribes the Crogall have shown to always be hostile, for some reason, this difference in the tribes is so deep ingrained in their history that they seem to almost always be hostile towards other tribes.

Crogall names:[]

Male names: Kaiman, Krocker Krool.

Female names: Kuare, Susie, Korra.

Crogall Traits:[]

Ability score improvement: Increase your constitution by 2 and 1 point to any other stat.

Age: Crogall mature at around the same age as humans, and die at around 60-70.

Alignment: Crogall lean towards good usually, as most of them aren't warmongers and will at least listen to what you have to say.

Size: Crogall are medium size and usually have heights from 4 to 5 feet.

Speed: Crogalls can move up to 25 feet, and have a swimming speed of 60 feet.

Gross grip: Crogalls can make a grapple check using their mouth and jaws, by gripping onto an enemy with, well, they're mouth! You always have advantage when grappling this way both on the initial check and checks to keep them grappled, and this ability can only be used on tiny,small or medium sized creatures. If grappling a small or tiny creature, the Crogall can choose to spin violently while grappling the creature, while spinning this way you no longer have advantage on checks to keep the creature grappled, but will do 1d10+ you strength score+ your proficiency mode every turn you have them grappled, this ability end when they escape your grapple.

Statue like: You can, as an action, go prone and enter a perfectly still state, while in this state, you have can make a stealth check with advantage, you can not use this ability if you have already been seen, and if you choose to use this ability while inside a body of water, you automatically succeed your stealth check.

Natural weapon: As an action you can choose to attack with your mouth, piercing the enemy with your teeth deal 1d6+ your strength mod on hit.

Language: Crogalls can speak Common and Crogall.