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The Extra Dimensional wanderer:[]

“One day, a creature from another dimension, decided to gaze upon our world, what it found was a creature with the potential to perhaps entertain it’s mundane existence, perhaps it was an extremely powerful alien, or a creature from the 6th dimension, perhaps some foreign elder god, but whatever it is, it choose you, and it wont let you stop entertaining it, for the rest of your feeble existence.”

Expanded spell list[]

The Extra Dimensional wanderer lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Extradimensional wanderer expanded spells.[]

Spell level Spells
1st Absorb Elements, Chaos bolt
2nd Invisibility, Dragons breath
3rd Elemental weapon, Blink
4th Elemental bane, Conjure minor elemental
5th Summon dragonic spirit, Temporal shunt

Bonus cantrips[]

At 1st level, you learn the Dancing Lights and Shocking Grasp cantrips. They count as warlock cantrips for you, but they don’t count against your number of cantrips known.

Chaotic boom[]

At 1st level, you can choose, anytime you cast a damaging cantrip, you can choose to make your cantrip pass through your patrons dimension, chaotically charging it with an extremely volatile energy. Roll a d10 and your cantrips damage type will change to one of the following types depending on what you roll.

Dice Damage type.
D1 Fire
D2 Cold
D3 Acid
D4 Poison
D5 Lightning
D6 Thunder
D7 Force
D8 Psychic
D9 Necrotic
D10 Radiant

Metaphysical Anomalies[]

Starting at 6th level, your patron blesses you with a… gift, perhaps, or perhaps a punishment, a type of ailment, creature, or even power is bestowed upon your very body.

This “Anomaly” only “real” to you, as such, others can not see or touch most of them, of course some of them have physical properties, and a few can even be seen. Should a creature attempt to touch an average mutation they're hand will touch it but from their point of view it would appear to touch nothing, they don’t feel or sense anything.

These anomalies can not be seen or detected by magic or features and can not be cured.

You will gain an anomaly every 24 hours, replacing the previous ones, it does not hurt to receive these anomalies, despite how gruesome the visuals would seem.

To choose which Anomaly, roll a d10 on either the Reward anomaly table or the Unfortunate anomaly, depending on whether our actions that day have pleased your patrons desires. These desires can be either comedic or entertaining.

It is up to the Dm’s discretion whether or not you get to roll on the Reward Anomaly, or an Unfortunate anomaly, they must decide whether you pleased or disappointed your patron.

Rolled: Unfortunate Anomalies:
1 Your mouth gets covered with skin, you can no longer eat, breathe through your mouth, or speak until your next anomaly.
2 Your hands have two, gigantic tarantula hawks, attached to the back of your hands each has one attached. These tarantula hawks have stingers made out of solid lava, and they will stab into you upon any and all athletics and acrobatics. This deals 2d6 fire damage.
3 Out of your back pops out an extremely fat orangutan, this orangutan acts like an average primate (up to dm discretion on further deviations), you may not control the ape. It adds anywhere from 40 lbs to 205 lbs (dm dependant)

Unlike other anomaly, if someone casts the detect magic spell, they can, infact see the orangutan, it can be any color besides orange, and this makes your patreon intensely satisfied, and will automatically give you a Reward roll on your next anomaly roll, this also does 2d8 psychic to the caster of detect magic, and cancels their spell. It does an additional 1d6 psychic for every spell slot above the first. If they should choose, the orangutan can, in fact, steal your spell or cantrip, and use it instead of you.

4 You grow another face on the back of your head that doubts every word you speak, you gain disadvantage on all charisma checks, and automatically fail deception checks based on speech as the mouth will give away your true intentions. Others can hear the mouth, but will assume it is you speaking.
5 You gain comically large rat teeth, these rat teeth deal 2d4 piercing damage, and have a reach of 5 feet. This attack counts as magical for the purpose of bypassing resistances to non magical attacks.

You also gain a passive detection for all dairy products, within 200 feet of you, upon detecting said dairy, you will go into a violent rage, you will be attracted to the person carrying this cheese, and will attempt to murder this individual, until they drop said product, upon obtaining said dairy prpduct, you will consume it, and your rage will subside, your rage will also subside upon moving approximately 200 feet away either by force, or making a Dc 20 wisdom check.

6 You become a literal beehive, your blood is replaced with honey, and your pores become combs. As an action you may have as many as 4 bees come out of your ears, they deal 2d6 piercing damage, and 3d6 poison damage per bee you had come out, unlike normal bees they do not die upon stinging, after your turn has ended, your bees burrow back into your ears, dealing 5d4 piercing damage per bee.
7 You spontaneously have hundreds of ants burst out of your retina, there are now hundreds of ants crawling on your eyes, you fail all wisdom checks and saving throws automatically, because the pain is causing you to lose focus. You count as blind while you have this anomaly, but you gain 120 feet of blind sight.
8 Your muscles bulge up and inflate with chaotic energies… Great! Oh no, they're getting too big, you gain a +5 to your strength stat, and advantage on athletics checks and strength saving throws, but you gain disadvantage on all dexterity checks and saving throws as your muscles are too heavy, restraining your movements, Your movement speed is also halved.
9 A halo of metal pops out of your head, it has a steel extension that digs through your skull and into your head.

The metal halo has electricity constantly flowing through it, if any creature touches this current, including you, they take 2d6 lightning damage.

From now until you gain your next anomaly, should you fail an intelligence check, intelligence saving throw, or a concentration check, you take 2d10 lightning damage.

10 Welp, everybody makes mistakes, like your mother when she gave birth to you, your patron accidentally slipped you a Reward anomaly, but in exchange every time you use that ability your patron violently curses you out and demeans you.
Rolled: Reward anomalies:
1 Your hands fall off your wrist, oh no. Anyways it doesn't hurt or anything, infact, as a bonus action you can move your hands up to an amount of feet equal to 10 x your dexterity modifier. These hands can hold items and even use weapons assuming they weigh less than 15 lbs.

They can also cast spells and cantrips, allowing you to use them remotely from the hands, say for example a spell has a range of 30 feet in a cone, this cone now starts at the hands position instead of yours.

2 You swap sexes, you become an incredibly attractive version of you as the opposite gender, you retain some features such as skin color, scars, muscles, and any feature that isn't inherently unattractive. This anomaly can be seen directly unlike other anomalies.

In the event that you have multiple genders, or you are genderless, a genderless being will become a hermaphrodite, and a being with multiple genders, will become genderless. In either case, the result will still be incredibly attractive.

You also subconsciously become better at talking and presenting yourself, you may not even notice it. Because of this you gain advantage on all charisma checks, and saving throws until this anomaly subsides.

3 You start leaking beans out of your eyes, this is a good thing, I promise! every time you blink you fire off two harmless beans, they fly forward for 5 feet then drop to the ground, yes you can collect and eat these beans. They are cold raw beans, of varying color and type, like garbanzo beans or pink beans, or very rarely green beans.

Once every 4 turns you can shoot an extremely hot bean, this bean does fire damage, and has a range about half as far as you can see, so if you can see 60 feet, you can shoot 30 feet.

4 Your eyes irises turn into a dark shade of grey, you are now color blind, you can only see in black and white.

You see all spells and traps, even normally undetectable spells or completely hidden traps.

5 Wings made of flesh sprout out of your back, the number of these equate to 4. These wings also have gigantic eyeballs on the center of them that you can see out of.

These wings give you a flight speed of 30 feet, and advantage on perception checks involving sight.

Additionally, You can unleash 4 beams of light from the eyeballs on the wings by using an action to charge it up, then another action to fire. Should these hit they do 2d6 Radiance damage each.

6 A green frog puppet wearing a tuxedo attaches itself on to your right hand, it says witty commentary whenever you move its mouth, you can still hold things using its mouth so don't worry about that.

It can throw sandwiches, specifically subs as a bonus action, at people, this doesn't do any damage, but it blinds the enemy with its… ham and cheese qualities… They must take an action to get the sandwich bits off its face, it does not matter if the creature has blind sight, or can see via magical properties, while blinded by this sandwich, the creature can not detect you or any objects or creatures no matter how close they are.

7 Your spit becomes damaging and corrosive, and also a bit green in color.

You can spit up to 20 feet away as an action, this deals 1d8 acid damage on hit, and makes the enemy weak to a future attack, once they are hit by a cantrip or melee, this one attack will deal maximum damage.

8 Your physical body becomes… for lack of a better word, weird. It becomes intangible at times, yet other times it's as fine as ever.

You slip in and out of tangibility, therefore, all attacks have disadvantage to hit!... Sometimes, you can only apply this effect to melee attacks and melee spells alongside magic weapons.

Magic that is not melee still hits normally, you might be wondering… why? Its because your patron has a sense of humor and is more entertained by enemies literally falling through you as they attempt to swing rather then seeing you just phase through some dumb magic.

9 A horn sprouts from your forehead, this horn is magically inclined.

As an action your horn sprouts into a beam of radiant energy, like someone took a laser sword and attached it to your head then went absolutely ham with visual effects.

As an action on your next turn onwards you can choose to attack creatures with this horn, this horn has a reach of 15 feet, and can pierce through multiple enemies in a line. This deals 2d4 radiant damage and 2d6 piercing damage.

You can only use this horn once per short or long rest, and it lasts for 1 minute.

10 Congrats, sometimes nothing is better than something, and the same is true for here, you get to roll an anomaly on the Unfortunate anomaly table! Yay! Lucky for you though, your patron was pleased and has, for this roll, allowed you to pick whatever Anomaly you wish excluding 10, for obvious reasons.

Occasional Situational Protection[]

Starting at 10th level, your patron becomes bored of certain types of damage, and as such, will, on occasion, provide you with resistance to some of them, you know, sometimes, it gets boring if you do the same thing over and over again though, so try to keep it fresh will you?

Whenever you take a long rest, pick a damage type from any of the 13 types, this damage type will be resisted until you take another long rest, at which point you must swap it out for another type.

Everytime you pick a type of damage to resist, it is locked until you have cycled through every single other type of damage, for example, if you picked fire, you can pick fire again until you've, picked cold, acid, lightning, and all the other types, the cold and others are also locked until you've picked the rest. Upon picking every single type of damage, your options will reset, and yet again, you can pick whichever one you like, rinse and repeat.

Chaotic doom[]

Starting at 14th level, you can dip your very existence into your patron's home dimension, but the power… it's too much, your body somehow gets through it fine, but everything else around you?... Not so much.

As an action, you can cause chaotic energies from other dimensions to leak out of your body, damaging everything around you uncontrollably, this has a range of 80 feet centered at yourself, and does no damage to you, however should any other creature be caught in this radius, whether friendly or otherwise, they will take 1d10 damage, not a lot right? Except for the fact, oh no, you take 1d10 damage, FROM EVERY SINGLE DAMAGE TYPE, resulting in 13d10 damage, this damage bypasses resistances and immunities.

A very curious effect of this feature is that it requires a Constitution saving throw, which isn't that big of a deal, however, unlike normal Con saves, this one is a bit.... Backwards, whenever you succeed the saving throw, you take full damage, whenever you fail, you take half damage, It seems your patron dislikes people just shrugging off its attacks doesn't it?

This feature can only be used once ever 1d4 days, be careful when using it, a it may doom not only your enemies, but your allies as well.