5e freespace Wiki

The Gunner lineage:[]

“Your family takes pride in gunning shit down, animals, people, demons etc, you take pride in being able to shoot and shoot good, even if you haven't been taught, those of this lineage are more intune with how to wield a firearm than others.”


You are used to shooting targets down, you have advantage on ranged weapon attacks, and get critical hits on 18 or above.

Money for corpses:[]

If you turn in a bounty/pelt, you get twice the amount of cash reward as you are used to arguing about prices. (Also applies to selling items/ artifacts)

Stocked up:[]

You carry an unlimited amount of ammunition, trust me, you know where to keep it.


You can use 10x the normal amount of ammunition to launch a B I G S H O T. This automatically does maximum damage and crits on a 15 or higher, it also has 3 times the range.