5e freespace Wiki

The Irradiated lineage:[]

“Your ancestors hail from land of irradiated earth, where constant disease and death plague the lands once fertile earth, your ancestors journeyed through this land and through long history, you have inherited some of their attributes”

Irradiated birthright:[]

Your blood and skin is so toxic that you have resistance to poison damage.

Irradiated privilege:[]

Your Irradiated blood line make you able to survive practically any environment Immune to disease, your radiation kills any bacteria that approaches you.

Stranger danger:[]

Because of your radiation filled blood and skin, if you touch a creature, for longer than 5 minutes, they will contract a tumor, if this tumor is not treated within 24 hours, (aka not healed with healing magic, or treated with medical shit) This creature will contract cancer, this cancer can only be healed, by 9th level healing magic, and will kill the target in 3 months.

Putant Skin:[]

If you sit in a body of water, you will irradiate it, 1 minute, for every 5 cubic feet. If someone drinks this water, the previous touch effect applies.

Puke missile:[]

You can eject toxic materials out of your stomach... So literally anything you put in there. You can projectile vomit on people, it fires in a straight line, and has a range of 10 feet. This vomit, pushes people back 5 feet, and deals 2d4 poison damage, this increases to 2d6 at level 5, and 2d8 at level 10. This vomit makes the enemy make a con save on hit, and upon failure, inflicts the target with a disease that slows their movement by 10 feet, and inflicts them with the poisoned infliction. This disease lasts until it is cured by healing at least one hp.