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The Treant:[]

“ Treant: *Tree rustling noises* Druid: Oh I think it's angry with yah now.

Physical description:[]

Treant’s look like living trees, they might differ in color, size, texture, and fruit, depending on the region and tree it is based off of. The Treant have holes on the front side of their bark that look like a twisted dark face as their holes seem to be pitch black, their legs are roots, two large branches serve as their arms and they are situated on the sides of the trunk.


Treants were born when a large group of druids gathered up and focused their energies to save a species of dying tree that humans were burning down, this gave birth a species of living trees called Treant’s, these Treants pollinated and made more Treants, they even crossbred with normal trees to increase their variety.


Treants usually populate an entire forest, and don't really communicate amongst themselves, and can't really communicate verbally with other races. They can sort of understand and communicate via telepathy to plants, beasts, and druids. They try not to take conflict with those that can communicate with it, but will attack any other creature on sight as they are very territorial.

Treant names:[]

Treants don't really have names, they mostly call each other by their most prominent traits, for example a treant with many branches would be called branches. They are also called by their species name.

Treant traits:[]

Ability score improvement: Increase your strength score by 2 and your wisdom score by 2 as well.

Age: Because of the fact that they are a tree, Treants can live about as long as 10 times the tree they are based on, on average they live to be about 500 years old.

Alignment: Treants lean towards the evil alignment as the truely only care about themselves and will murder and feast upon any wanders who get too close and use their body as nutrients.

Size: Depending on what tree you are based off and what part of your life cycle you are currently in, you may choose to be small, medium, or large, should you choose large please do note that for the sake of all battle and inventory/lifting purposes you are medium sized. You also can not be smaller than 1 ½ feet tall or taller than 12 feet tall, incase the tree your based off is taller or smaller, the Treant magic you are made of will will artificially reduce or increase your size to an acceptable level and you will stay at that size for the rest of your conceivable life.

Speed: You can move up to 35 feet, and have a burrowing speed of 15 feet as they can make their roots extend and grow into full size when their root emerges again, you also have 20 feet of climbing speed as you can extend your roots through rocks and grounds to pull your body up.

Blindsight: Treants can not see like normal creatures and see by feeling the vibrations in the ground, should they be taken off the ground they will be blind. Otherwise they have 300 feet of blindsight and can not see anything further than that.

Stable branches: You can carry creatures of one size smaller then you on your branches, you can only do this while moving and climbing and can not do this while burrowing, they have disadvantage on melee attack rolls while on you, but advantage on ranged attack rolls and stealth rolls while on you, spells are not affected. You can carry up to 5 creatures in this way.

Still tree: You can use an action to appear perfectly still and look exactly like a tree. You cannot perform this while you are in battle, and may only use this in battle if you make a stealth check to hide away first. Upon success Creatures must make a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw to spot you, and they have disadvantage on this roll if you are around trees. While in this state you cannot move or make any actions.

Toughbark: While your tree shape has rendered it impossible for you to wear armor, you Do have pretty strong bark, it isn't particularly durable as its defense is based on the strength of your body's age and your willpower and strength. Your natural armor is 8+Wisdom modifier +Strength modifier.

Lineage of firefighters: As your ancestors were nearly burned to death, the ancient druids gave your species a gift to withstand such a tragedy ever happening again. You have resistance to fire damage and cannot be burned.

Languages: Treants cannot speak or even make noises besides what their body is capable of making with movement such as leaves shaking or roots moving, but they can understand and write in common and druidic, alongside being able to telepathically communicate with beast, plants, and druids via some sort of link that has a range of 60 feet and although they are communicating it is very primitive as they can only understand your intentions and emotions.