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The far traveler[]

"Almost all of the common people and other folk that one might encounter along the Sword Coast or in the North have one thing in common: they live out their lives without ever traveling more than a few miles from where they were born.

You aren't one of those folk.

You are from a distant place, one so remote that few of the common folk in the North realize that it exists, and chances are good that even if some people you meet have heard of your homeland, they know merely the name and perhaps a few outrageous stories. You have come to this part of Faerûn for your own reasons, which you might or might not choose to share.

Although you will undoubtedly find some of this land's ways to be strange and discomfiting, you can also be sure that some things its people take for granted will be to you new wonders that you've never laid eyes on before. By the same token, you're a person of interest, for good or ill, to those around you almost anywhere you go."

*Tongue noises*:[]

Tongue Play is your expertise, You know 2 extra languages of your choice

Hey I know this one:[]

In your travels you have done many things, you can replace an intelligence check with a wisdom check an equal amount of times to your proficiency modifier, you recover these uses upon a long rest.

Feet built different:[]

You're used to walking, you gain an extra 10 feet of movement speed.

Aptitude for traveling:[]

You're used to sleeping out in the wild, you only need to rest for 6 hours to gain the benefits of a long rest while you are outside.

Deaths gallows:[]

You have faced death on your travelers before, once every 1d4 days, you can choose to instead of making a death saving throw, you can use a reaction to go up to 1 hp.


You are immune to the frightened status effect, whether that's from bravery or idiocy the world may never know.