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Ghost race:[]

"I saw a ghastly figure the other day, it was my mother, she died years ago but I know that some people have regrets so intense they never let go of them and become tethered to the living world... I asked her what her last regret was, it was that I never married, but how the hell am I supposed to marry when i'm still living with my mother!?!"

Physical description:[]

Ghosts are semi transparent, pale, semi intangible, humanoid creatures, sometimes in torn clothing, they resemble who they were in their past lives, and move by floating around.


Ghosts are a race that manifest whenever a humanoid race dies with regrets, they can pass on anytime mind you, but their regrets act as a tether, this tether can be broken by either solving their regrets, or taking enough damage.


Ghosts don't really form communities as being dead severely separates your feelings to that of your previous race, being mostly focused on your lingering regret over all other emotions. The few ghost communities that are seen are formed when several humanoid beings die in one place with differing regrets, if they all share the same regret they often fuse together.

Ghost names:[]

The ghost inherits whatever name it had in life.

Ghost traits:[]

Ability score improvement: Increase your Dexterity by 2 and your wisdom by 1.

Age: Ghosts can inherently live for a theoretically infinite amount of time, like most creatures they can die via damage, but they can also be revived.

Alignment: Ghosts have little interest in things other than their regrets, and are inherently neutral.

Size: Ghosts are the same size as their previous life.

Speed: Ghosts have a movement speed of 30 feet, and a flying speed of 25 feet.

Intangibility: Ghosts are made of mostly ectoplasm and spiritual energy, meaning they take less damage from physical objects, You have resistance to non magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

Pass by: Ghosts are Intangible, and can therefore pass through objects with some exceptions, they can pass through narrow gaps, and can walk through objects and walls as long as they are no thicker than 10 feet.

Necrotic resistance: you are resistant to necrotic damage.

Ghostly presence: You can make your body fall apart and dissipate, allowing you to go close to invisible, you can do this as a bonus action, and you roll as if you're going into stealth with advantage against any creatures who aren't undead. Once you are in this state successfully, you can not be seen by any creatures even if they were to cast detect invisibility or use a perception check, only three things can cause you to go out of this state:

  1. You take an action against a target, whether that target is an ally or enemy doesn't matter, interacting with any creature using an action causes you to regain your presence.
  2. You get targeted by a spell that never misses and forces you to make a Dexterity saving throw, like magic missile or sacred flame.
  3. You use a bonus action to deactivate Ghostly presence.


The ghost race can speak common and 1 other language of your choosing that they knew when they were alive.