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The Slime[]


Physical description:[]

Slimes are small different colored gelatinous beings that resemble a cell of the human body, they move by dragging along the ground, they can not speak, and can form parts of their body into a small tendril that acts like an octopus tentacle.


Slimes are sort of like an ultimate scavenger, no one knows where they came from or even when, throughout history whenever there were creatures to leave waste behind, the slime was there to eat the waste, and even the creatures themselves when they died.


Slimes are solitary creatures, they spend little time doing anything but moving and eating and its unknown whether or not they even know what they are until they eat a being with sentience, these slimes who gained sentience don't really seem to like staying in that form, and prefer to abandon their newfound desires to keep living the lives they always have, which is eating everything they see. They are born when their parent grows too large and splits into multiple different slimes, at least this is the theory as slimes have never been observed doing this and sentient slimes can not seem to recall how they were born. Slimes do not have gender of identity naturally, but sentient slimes sometimes choose to identify themselves with names and genders.

Slime names:[]

Male: Lime, Slick, Boing

Female: Emily, Azur, Cellua

Slimes traits:[]

Ability score increase: Increase your Constitution by 2 and your Charisma by 1.

Age: Slimes grow to adult size in about a month, and live to be about a decade old, some extremely big slimes live up to be centuries but they are extremely rare.

Alignment: Slimes are usually Neutral creatures, they prefer not to pick fights with bigger creatures than them, and aren't inherently hostile towards most humanoid races.

Size: Slimes are Around six inches to a feet tall in their base form, however some special powerful slimes can grow to be bigger, but for most slimes your size is Tiny.

Speed: Slimes can move 25 feet per turn while in their slimes form.

Acid Proof enzyme: Your body has one of the most powerful acids known to man inside of your stomach, therefore everything else is kind of weak in comparison. You have resistance to acid damage.

Slimeskin: As a slime, you have a gelatinous form, meaning most attacks don't hit you as hard as they would biological beings would, as such you have an AC of 8+con+proficiency mod, this also however means, that you cannot wear armors, you can wields weapons, but armors simple don't fit your body shape.

Gluttony: As a slime race, you gain the ability to reconstruct your body to resemble that of a creature that you have consumed. As a bonus action, you can transform yourself into an exact replica of a creature you have eaten. This creature needs to have a physical body, and their CR level has to be equal to half of your total level at the time of you consuming that creature. Meaning even if you have previously consumed the creature and are past the CR limit that you had at the time, you would have to eat it again. You can transform for an indefinite amount of time, and will transform to your default state when you lose consciousness.

You gain the creature's Strength score, Dexterity score, and Constitution score, alongside proficiencies, saving throws, resistances and movement speed. You do not gain the health, AC, or Languages of the creature, but gains all its actions and features that do not require a specific weapon or item.

Bottomless pit: Slimes can eat anything and EVERYTHING, they can gain sustenance from literally any object or creature, even if its not biological, it can breakdown any substance in its stomach into nutrients, this acid instantly digest anything put in it, and slimes feel a constant feeling of hunger.

Languages: You can speak Common and 1 other language, slimes cannot speak these languages because they are lacking the biological function to do so, therefore you must transform into a creature who can in order to speak the languages you know.