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The vilebloods:[]

“You come from a… royal lineage, your ancestors consumed the blood of vile creatures, becoming vile and cruel themselves, gaining some unnatural abilities, someway or another, these ancestors were eradicated, you are something of a far off cousin to them, and through the consumption of blood, have reawakened.”

Mental barrier:[]

You have resistance to Charm, and any effects similar to mind control.

Vileblood marked:[]

You can inflict a curse on any creature you attack an equal amount of times to your proficiency modifier, this curse prevents them from healing, and boosts the damage you, and only you, deal to that creature, and damage you inflict that does less than 30 hp, gets doubled.

This curse lasts 24 hours, or until removed by the remove curse spell.

Blood Injection:[]

If you inject 2 liters of blood from a fiend, monstrosity, or beast into your body, you can recover half your total hitpoints, you can use this feature once per long rest.

The hunt begins:[]

If you inject the blood of a creature into yourself, you can track them, you know exactly where they are and always now their direction and distance from them.