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Ultima Ravenous Void[]

9th level evocation

Casting time: 1 action

Range: 2000 feet

Components: V,S.

Duration: 1 minute, no more, no less.

"You fool, what have you done?"

You create an ultramassive gravitational orb that is 50 feet wide, this orb pulls any creatures and object no matter the weight towards itself in a range of 300 feet.

Any creature within its range must make a strength saving throw Or be pulled 30 feet towards it, trying to move away from it also requires a strength check for every 10 feet you move, upon failing you get pulled back the distance you traveled, for example if you wanted to move 40 feet, and you only succeeded 2 saves, you would in total only move 20 feet.

Any creature within 100 feet of the orb is automatically inflicted with the fear status.

Once you are touching or otherwise inside the orb you take 10d12 force damage every turn while inside of it, and a creature or object that drops to 0 inside of it automatically dies and its body completely dissipates, never recoverable.

Once you cast this spell it is active for 1 minute, you are not immune to its effects, neither are your allies, and once you cast it there is no way to deactivate it, additionally, while it is active, although it is not a concentration spell, you can not cast any other spells.

The only way to end this spell is to wait 1 minute, cast dispel magic at 9th level, or to cancel it out with another Ultima Ravenous Void.

Spell list. Warlock: The Distant star